Schmidt Happens #13 - 7/16/13

July 16th, 2013

I read a piece by Brandon Smith titled True Defiance: How To Survive The Coming Collapse, and a post about a 25 year old who is quitting his good job and choosing to be homeless. He says to "Be the Change.." What leads a person to that decision? I read an excerpt from Jim Self's book 'What Do You Mean The Third Dimension is Going Away?'. Are we in the midst of a shift in consciousness? Are people beginning to think differently on a global scale? Jim Self interviews Greg Braden about the Nature of Reality, 5 false assumptions in life, and if 'War' is a habit or a natural state for mankind.  Bill Hicks gives us all something to ponder. Are we an imagination of ourselves? Listen Up!! It's Truth TIme!!

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