Schmidt Happens #10 - 5/13/13

May 12th, 2013

Are we alone in the Universe or is it teeming with life? Former Minister of National Defense for Canada Paul Hellyer speaks out about his knowledge of UFO craft and the different alien races he has confirmed. Could there be advanced E.T.'s working with the Air Force? Is advanced energy technology being suppressed by a shadow government? Mr. Hellyer lays out the case. Could there be as many as 57 known different races of intelligent life in our galaxy? A strange 6 inch humanoid body was found in the Chilean desert.  Is it an Alien or a human genetic defect? Dr. Steven Greer talks about what his team of scientists have found with genetic DNA testing. Is there a alien link to our creation? Who are the Annunaki? What the hell is going on out in space? Listen Up!! It's Truth Time! Subscribe on iTunes & Stitcher